Kao Cucute Dishwashing Liquid Clear Foam Spray Orange 300ml

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For dirt that the sponge can not reach! Powerful foam removes oil stains cleanly! Recommended for various tableware that is hard to wash. The spray head is designed to make it easy to aim at points and prevent them from scattering. Even oil stains are disassembled while the bubbles burst! 

Four effects of sterilization *, virus removal *, deodorant, and dullness removal with one product. * Not all bacteria and viruses are removed.

Orange Scent

Ingredients: Surfactants (8.5%, alkyl glyceryl ether), stabilizers, metal sequestering agents

How to Use

Open the white lid at the tip of the spray until you hear a click.
For first-time use, pull the lever several times to the end.
Do not turn the tip of the spray.
To prevent clogging due to drying, close the lid until you hear a click after use.
Spray directly on tableware, cooking utensils, sinks, etc., leave for about 1 minute, and then rinse.

    • Sterilization and virus removal of cutting board / Wash once, spray evenly on one side about 10 times, leave for about 20 minutes, and then rinse with water.
    •  Sterilization of sponge / Squeeze the sponge well, spray it about 10 times with the tip of the spray pressed, let it penetrate evenly, and leave it until the next use.
    •  Sterilization and virus removal of the sink / Spray evenly on the sink once washed, leave it for about 20 minutes, and then rinse it with water.
    • Sterilization and virus removal of water bottles / Drain water from water bottles that have been washed once, spray evenly, leave for about 20 minutes, and then rinse.
    • Virus removal of tableware/cooking utensils / Wipe off the water from the dishes/cooking utensils that have been washed once, spray evenly, leave for 5 minutes, and then rinse(Not all bacteria and viruses are removed.)
  • Cucute (transparent type) is a series that you can wash while enjoying the scent. Sticky oil stains and solidified oil can be removed cleanly, and bubbles can be cut off quickly even when rinsing. 
  • Cucute Clear Sterilization can not only wash + sterilize but also remove astringency + deodorant + dullness. Since it contains citric acid, it decomposes colored stains such as tea astringent and coffee astringent, and dullness and water stains such as milk to make it shiny. 
  • Cucute Hand Mild protects the moisture of the hands and removes oil stains at once. It greatly suppresses the penetration of cleansing ingredients into the skin, which was one of the causes of rough hands, and prevents the loss of moisture.
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  • Above is a machine translation and may include obscure expression
  • The packaging of the real product may be different from the image





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