P&G Febreze Double Sterilization Deodorizer for Clothes Spray Original 370ml

3D penetrating Ingredients to Disinfect & Remove Odors

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The deodorant component of the new Febreze has been enhanced! Deodorizes the odor of food such as cigarettes, body odor, and roasted meat, and makes it refreshing as if you were washing it. Perfect for fabric products that cannot be washed often, such as sofas and mats.

  • 3D penetrating disinfectant* allows deodorizing and disinfecting ingredients to penetrate deep into the fibers* Tested under specific bacteria and conditions May not work on some bacteria
  • Deodorizing ingredients derived from corn so it can be used in homes with children
  • Unscented 
  • Can spay about 360 times

“Fabreze Cloth Spray Series” is a product that can remove odors that have become unpleasant and sterilize by simply spraying on cloth products. Since its launch in Japan in 1998, it has been popular with many customers as the top brand of deodorant sprays for cloth because it makes it easy to clean and clean cloth products that are difficult to wash. The newly improved “Fabreze Cloth Spray Series” uses a new injection nozzle, which makes it possible to spray fine mist finely and evenly on cloth products. By improving the efficiency of this mist injection, the deodorant effect has increased by 25%. In addition, the bottle has been changed to a shape that fits better in the hand and is easier to spray. 

Ingredients: corn-derived deodorant ingredient, sterilizing ingredient (organic), fragrance





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